Real Life Escape Rooms

Clue Adventures London bring you the ultimate experience in locked room escape games.
An immersive, 4D adventure that sees you and your team mates locked in a storyroom.
Sixty minutes to escape and solve the mystery of the room.

What is an escape room adventure?

You are locked in a themed room and using team-work and logic you try to solve clues and puzzles to escape.
Will you solve the mystery of the room and escape in time?

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Find the Clues

Search the room high and low to find the clues and puzzles

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Solve the Puzzles

Use your logic, use your team-work, use your detective skills

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Beat The Clock

Time will be ticking away and you only have 60 minutes to escape

Not just rooms but adventures

At Clue Adventures your locked room escape is part of a story, a story in which you play a vital role.

Play the game, take the part, and live the story.

Our rooms will suspend your disbelieve as you feel the tension of discovering the answers that will lead to your escape.

Our Rooms

Clue Adventures - London E3 Presents


On New Year’s Eve 1999 Master Magician Alistair Wilson literally disappeared never to be seen again. His former London flat is due to be demolished in one hour. It is rumoured that he also had a secret second flat where he stored his magical creations and his infamous ‘Book of Secrets’. Can you find out how and why Alistair Wilson disappeared and save his ‘Book of Secrets’ before the explosions are triggered and the magic disappears forever?

Clue Adventures E3 is situated at Arch 419, Burdett Road, Mile End Park. London. E3 4AA


The Book of Secrets is a one hour emersive locked room escape game for 2 to 6 players

Prices range from £24-£28 per person

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Terms and Conditions

The Story

Our themed stories give you a reason to escape. You will be transported into the theme with our amazing rooms and then discover your tasks.

Top Clues and Puzzles

Our clues and puzzles have been designed by some of the top creators in the country. With a wealth of experience and devilish minds.

Team Building

Our rooms provide the perfect opportunity for team-building. The fun adventures need you to work as a team if you are to solve the clues.


Our new London location is in E3. A short walk from Mile End Tube or Westferry DLR

About Us

With a background in television and film we bring great interactive stories to life.
Our adventure rooms really take you to a different world. Back in time, into fantasy worlds, even deep underground.
Each room is different, but all require your detective skills, logic and puzzle solving in order to solve the mystery in each game.
We use our experience to create immersive, fun games and along with a group of puzzle-setters from the world of board-games and TV games shows we create an experience that you will remember for along time.
The question is. Can you solve the mysteries that await you?

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